Countdown to publication…

My poor neglected website!…Last year turned out to be a very busy one in the end and so I had to leave Ember and Barley waiting patiently for me to find the time to continue with their story…

I am finally back writing again regularly and plan to have the next in the series finished around August time – there, I have said it out loud now, so the clock is officially ticking 

It feels great to be putting fingers to keyboard once more!


I have had such lovely feedback so far regarding the first book, so thank you for the emails and comments.

I have been a little caught up with other bits and pieces over the last couple of months, so have had to leave Ember and Barley tapping their feet impatiently, waiting for me to return!  But, I am now back on the case and busy writing the second in the series…watch this space!



At first glance, the Merryhill River looks like a quiet place to be…but look a little harder…

Two families of water vole live along the riverbank.  They lived next to each other quite happily for many years until humans shattered their world by building a wall along part of the bank.   Some of the water voles were forced to move into the territory of their neighbours and the battle for food and space began.

Ember Tor and Barley rush to help the water voles, but:

Can they come up with a plan to help them in time?
Will the warring families ever find peace again?
Will the voles escape from a terrifying intruder who threatens the safety of the entire colony?
Ember finds out that the sleepy riverbank is not so peaceful after all!