Publication imminent

We are now about to step over the threshold into a new year and although the first draft of my next book was completed back in August, I have only recently had the opportunity to revisit it.

I am busy editing the draft, which should be completed within the next few weeks. Then it is onto the artwork, before … *drum roll* … publication.

In the meantime, here is a taster …

“Afternoon was beginning to slide into dusk when Ember and Barley made their way back to the barn. The field felt quieter compared to their earlier visit, when it was alive with the buzz of insects. A blackbird sang a sweet solo from a nearby tree – a love song to the setting sun; its melody turned the warm air a rich orange.

‘I’d like to find Otus before we meet with Helen,’ Ember told Barley as they crossed the field. The last light of the day coloured the stone walls of the barn in custard and toffee, whilst the sweet evening scent of the grass drifted up to meet them.

Reaching the barn, Ember opened the door and they both stepped inside. Here the light was softer, blurred around the edges by the gauze of cobwebs that knitted the windows and beams together.

Ember craned her head back, straining to catch sight of the bats. ‘Are they still here Barley?’ she asked.

‘Yes, I can see them,’ Barley replied. He pointed his large black nose towards one of the highest beams to show Ember where the bats were hidden and gave a small ‘woof’ of excitement. ‘I think they are beginning to stir,’ he said and sure enough, a thick area of shadow alongside one of the beams began to move and fragment.”

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