About the Author

From a young age Kate was an avid reader and spent hours devouring as many books as possible. As soon as she could put a pen to paper, she began writing down her own stories and poems; as a child Kate even had a couple of poems published in newspapers and magazines.

An upbringing spent outdoors resulted in Kate developing a lifelong passion for wildlife, which led to a career as a professional ecologist for over seventeen years.

Throughout her career, Kate has never lost her passion for writing. In fact she would argue that it is impossible for her not to write. The ‘Ember Tor’ series draws on her love of the natural world and the experiences of the Author through her work as an ecologist.

In 2017, Kate set up an online magazine for ecology and wildlife professionals. The magazine has gone from strength to strength since its launch in August 2017 and now has an international readership of several thousand (www.InsideEcology.com). When Kate is not running the magazine or writing books, she works as a freelance writer (www.KatePriestman.com) and artist (www.KatePriestmanArt.com).

The ‘Ember Tor’ series follows on from Kate’s first book ‘Dear Mr Craggs and the Bats of Ten Bells Wood‘.